About Me

b. 1986, HK.



Ehsan Afkhami
Director at GMP LIMS Inc.

Jacob gets things done. He's sharp, talented, appointed and resourceful. If you're looking for somebody to help rebrand your organization or add that missing visual flare, Jacob is the man for the job. He has helped shake things up for the better at Happeningmap and we appreciate that about him. He's also fair and honest. I would recommend Jacob to anybody who wants a talented and smart UX designer on their team.

Raphael Bouskila
CoFounder and President at CoPower

Jacob has it all: a great sense of style, deep experience with a vast array of media, and the flexibility and professionalism to either lead large projects or deliver fantastic work on a short deadline. Highly recommended!

Jason Rosenblatt
Musical Director of Shtreiml

Jacob Aspler and I have worked on numerous projects together. He has been my number one call graphic artist, artist, photographer and videographer for years. Since 2002 he has designed numerous album covers, business cards and brochures for me. Jacob possesses not only a keen artistic eye and a deft touch, but a unique ability to transform my vision into a reality. With great technical skill and a highly developed creative sense his works are beautiful, relevant and functional. 

I love solving problems

Simplifying and enhancing the day-to-day through design is part of my dedication to greatness! 

I use my extensive background in visual design to improve both efficiency and legibility, and to draw out meaningful connections through thoughtful user engagement. 

My focus is to find the balance between the user experience and in finding the space to execute beautiful design.

For inquiries email - jacob.aspler@gmail.com
CV / resume - PDF